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Services from Coral Square Pediatrics

Coral Square Pediatrics has provided services to residents of Coral Springs and the neighboring communities for over 25 years.  Ethic diversities are accommodated by the multiple languages spoken in our office. ( English, Spanish, Chinese and French spoken by various employees)

Additionally, we are proud to announce the implementation of Physicians Computer Company’s Electronic Health Records System!

Recently, we have successfully launched our new EHR system and are excited to offer enhance quality care for our patients, incorporate evidence based medicine, and improve patient safety as a direct result of this addition! Our new system will ensure improved coordination of care by eliminating paper charts and providing a single electronic health record for each child. This technology will support our continued efforts to deliver high-quality, effective patient care and enhance sharing of information among our health care providers.

PCC’s EHR system makes your child’s health records instantly available throughout our office. Your child’s medical history, lab or x-ray results, prior medications, and Pharmacy phone numbers will all be privately secured within our new electronic health record system. This technology helps to keep us at the forefront of patient care.

Our board certified Providers are on call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week with convenient office hours.

Our Facility

  • Separate well and sick waiting areas
  • Informational health programming in waiting areas
  • Bright and friendly exam rooms
  • On site business office

Services offered:

  • Well exams
  • School / Sports/ Camp Physicals
  • Same day services for all illnesses
  • Ear piercing after 4 months

Screening and Assessments:

  • Growth and Nutritional assessments
  • Hearing and Vision screening
  • Behavioral and Developmental assessments


  • Newborn consults offered monthly ( Saturday )
  • A.D.D/ A.D.H.D consultations
  • Adoptions

Educational Resources:

  • Newborn consultation Classes
  • Health information sheets
  • Healthy Advice brochures
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Tipp Sheets

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